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Towards the end of 2014, I decided to attempt to read 52 books over the 52 weeks that are 2015. This idea came to me from several quarters – but as of most of the ideas, they came from colleagues, … Continue reading

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reading hitchens

I have been reading Christopher Hitchens variously on the websites of Vanity Fair, Slate, The Nation and various websites. I especially have enjoyed watching various clips of him on Youtube. I started reading him properly after I got this God … Continue reading

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top 10 books according to writers

Seems like a great premise for making a list. Get 125 writers, ask them to list their top 10 books. Its like the ultimate booklovers listophiles dream. Also lends itself to potentially fascinating excel tables. Anyway, the book is ‘The … Continue reading

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reading steinbeck

A while back I decided to try to read the complete works of John Steinbeck. When I thought up that idea, I did not quite understand how many books he had written. In the various bookshops I have only ever … Continue reading

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