A Stitch In Time – designing curricula framework for quality teaching and learning across multiple deliveries by multiple teachers

  • Draft Paper (pdf)
  • Presentation (pdf)
  • The Belonging Project (url) – The Belonging Project is a four-year project investigating, designing and trialling an integrated program and school-based approach to enhancing the student experience at RMIT.
  • First Things First Report – Johal, T. & Clarke, B. (2014) First things First: Transition and Transformation of the student cohort experience, in the creative disciplines. (url)(pdf)
  • Angela Clarke, Terry Johal, Kristen Sharp & Shayna Quinn (2015): Achieving
    equivalence: a transnational curriculum design framework, International Journal for Academic Development, DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2015.1092444

Bronwyn Clarke – bronwyn.clarke@rmit.edu.au
Terry Johal – terry.johal@rmit.edu.au
Natalie Araujo – natalie.araujo@rmit.edu.au