Grants and Awards


  • First things First: Transition and Transformation of the student cohort experience, in the creative disciplines (AUD$99,125) This project aims to address the challenges faced by students from creative disciplines struggling to transition into higher education, and in particular their programs. The project will develop a Transition Pedagogy Toolkit (TPT) for Program Directors and first-year course coordinators to use to address the problems faced by students from creative disciplines. The TPT will do two things; firstly, provide a framework (with checklists and maps) to help Program Directors and first-year course coordinators scaffold and plan for transition, and secondly, a series of modules of activities to build literacies, competencies, knowledge and skill to support the student transition that can be embedded into the curriculum.


  • Equal/Local: Equal Local: future-proofing RMIT’s global reach by promoting equivalence in onshore and offshore learning (AUD$80,000) Transnational teaching is a growing field and there is an increasing need for Australian academics to grapple with the complexities of maintaining quality educational outcomes regardless of location of delivery. The Equal Local LTIF project contributes to the continuous improvement of equivalence and comparability of courses offered transnationally through RMIT partnerships and RMIT Vietnam.


  • Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, RMIT University, Australia. This award was in recognition of the work undertaken to prepare the Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) for delivery at the SIM. This includes academic documents (such as program guide, course guides and the such), business documents (such as financials, contracts, and the such) and compliance documents (includes SIM and RMIT University policies as well as Singapore and Australia regulations).

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