the problem with taking writing seriously and blogging

I have not blogged for a while now. That is what always happens. When I used to blog for fun, before I started as a lecturer – blogging was easy. I blogged about all kinds of generic gobbledegook.  When I moved to, it became about my public face. So the blogging became harder.

I love reading and writing – both activities that I take seriously. So I cannot shoot off a blog article without writing, reviewing and rewriting. Combine that with the blog as the public face, its gets harder and requires more time than I have.

But my blog is my sandbox.

In my current teaching, the students are working on an activity where they have to make a narrative map in 5 artefacts. Some of them are struggling with that and my exemplars, which I made, are not helping. Why? Cos I have made them too complex.

So I made one yesterday and posted it to the students. I think it works. Since I cannot draw, I did not even worry about posting it to them.

I always tell my students – get it done – focus on concept and ideas – fix it later. I am going to take my own advice on writing and blogging.

Three Little Pigs

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