Book Review: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need by Daniel Pink

What is this book about?
This is manga about a young man who has begun his job after leaving university. He is struggling and lacking in motivation in his job. A life coaching angel comes his way who he can then summon by breaking disposable chopsticks! She gives him six chopsticks and each time he breaks one, she turns up to give him one axiom of wisdom. Each axiom helps him take the next step of his career, but but this step inevitably needing to break another chopstick to get another axiom to help him out of that career crisis. By the end of the book he has six axioms, and a clear sense of what he once in his career.

Why should I read this book?
I really enjoyed Daniel Pink’s book Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, so was looking forward to reading this one. Plus it’s a manga. I read┬áthis book more as a resource for┬ástudents, rather than a book for me. So I will review it in that spirit. It is a good starting point for thinking about what it takes to be successful in one’s career, beyond one’s technical abilities. While this book in of itself, would not provide much grist for the mill, it is a useful starting point for university students and people very early in their career. Think of it as a kickstart. A further reading list at the end of the book would have been useful.

A simple and useful manga style career guide for university students and those early in their career. 4 stars

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