Lecture: Mark Marking, Storytelling and Ideology

This lecture summaries what I have been doing with the students over the last four weeks, where we have been talking about communication design, and storytelling.

In this section, the object was to get the students to understand how meaning works, and moves as the affordances of the format they are working in changes.  Key to that were the learning activities they had to do in class. Over the four weeks, they focused on telling stories visually moving from a two-colour minimalist execution, to photographs, to five-frame comic style execution. They moved on to learn how to make execution that differed in format but had to tell the same story. Key in this section was the notion of authorship and the audience. We then introduced both descriptive writing Рtext that could stand outside the images and still make sense Рand integrated writing Рtext that works with the image to tell the story.

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